What is a hernia?

A hernia is a bulge due to bowel or fat from inside the abdomen protruding out through a weak area.

What is a Hernia?

A hernia is a bulge due to bowel or fat from inside the abdomen protruding out through a weak area. The most common kind is an inguinal hernia, in the groin. Above the ligament of the groin is a small hole, deep in the muscle wall of the abdomen…

Is a hernia harmful?

Hernias are usually troublesome only because they cause a bulge and aching: these symptoms are a nuisance but not medically dangerous. The most serious risk of a hernia is strangulation, which means that it fills with bowel which becomes completely…

How can a hernia be treated?

The one permanent cure for a hernia is through surgical repair, which may be done throughan incision in the groin (“Open repair”) or by laparoscopic….

Thomas Satyadas

Advanced Laparoscopic Liver and Pancreas Cancer Surgeon.

Mr Thomas Satyadas is an Advanced Laparoscopic (keyhole) Surgeon who specialises in the surgical treatment of liver and pancreatic cancer, gall stones and hernias. He has been a Consultant in Manchester University Foundation Hospital since 2010. He is dedicated to improving the quality of services, provided for all patients in Greater Manchester. Mr Satyadas provides expert advice and assistance to doctors throughout the region in areas relating to complex, liver, pancreas and gallbladder surgery.

Patient Testimonials

I had hernia surgery under the care of Mr Thomas Satyadas and his anaesthetist Dr Darshan Pathak at the end of September 2018. My operations were expertly conducted at the Alexandra Hospital and my care was excellent throughout. Two inguinal hernias were repaired with mesh using a laparoscopic technique and an umbilical hernia was fixed at the same time. As an anaesthetist myself, I appreciated a pain free wake up with no nausea or vomiting thanks to the use of local anaesthetic infiltration by the surgeon and the use of oxycodone (as an alternative to morphine) by the anaesthetist. My nursing care on the busy ward was also excellent and the food was good. I was driven home to Yorkshire by my wife later that day. I needed no codeine for post-operative pain relief just paracetamol and the occasional ibuprofen. I was walking around my local park the next day and the wounds healed quickly without infection. In fact I was back at work after one week. I have no hesitation in recommending the whole team and am grateful to Thomas and Darshan for looking after me so well.

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Written by a patient

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